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Sats after party!!!!!

After we finish our SATs we will have a variety of fun activities to celebrate our hard work and effort. We will be going to Fairthorne Manor. We will be able to do a variety of activities there.  For example.See the source image

Eco Helpers

In year 6 we spreaded the idea across the whole school. Also year 6 had the idea of crisp packet collecting for our whole school day out we currently have 2680 crisp packets.

SATS don’t measure

SATS don’t measure sports, 

SATS don’t measure art,

SATS don’t measure music

or the kindness in your heart.

SATS don’t see your beauty,

SATS don’t know your worth,

SATS don’t know the reason

You were put upon this earth.

SATS don’t see your magic,

How you make others smile,

SATS don’t time how quickly

You can run a mile.

SATS don’t hear your laughter,

Or see you’ve come this far,

SATS are just a tiny glimpse

Of who you really are.

So sitting at your table

With your pencil and your test,

Remember SATS aren’t who you are,

Remember you’re the best!

Kites of positivity

In year 6 kites ,with words of positivity like kindness, have been put up in the stairway. Also we have been writing on smaller paper kites of people who have shown these positive emotions to us or others.




We are learning about a tale called The Three Brothers and it is really exciting.   

ecobrick mania in sycamore class

Eco brick, Eco brick, Eco brick! Eco bricks are everywhere in our classroom. we would like more and more people to make some at home and in class. Then bring them to our class. This will help us build furniture in the playground.

Making progress on our Eco bricks!

We are getting close to completing our first Eco brick, some are already on their second.We still need over 500 to make something.We are trying to create a couple of seats and table’s(that look like this) to go out side.
We would appreciate it if you help make 2 L bottles that way 500g please take them to the office once done. Thank you.