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Making progress on our Eco bricks!

We are getting close to completing our first Eco brick, some are already on their second.We still need over 500 to make something.We are trying to create a couple of seats and table’s(that look like this) to go out side.
We would appreciate it if you help make 2 L bottles that way 500g please take them to the office once done. Thank you.

The three brothers English

Year 6 has been writing about a story called the Three brothers from The tales of Beedle the Bard and it is about three brothers going on a journey and they make a deal with Death. In the GDS group have been doing Dumbledoors notes and most of year 6 [except the GDS group of course] have been rewriting it.

What do sats not measure!

                                                                            What do sats not measure! We are looking out for people showing these thing and not worrying about sats.