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TT rockstars

Today we have been play TT rockstars ,which is a times table game where you create n avatar and collect coins to decorate your character

The Adventures Of Plastic!

We found out about different types of plastic and how long each type takes to decompose. Some of them can be recycled and they have a symbol somewhere on the plastic that shows the use of them and the type of plastic they are and the compound name. Today’s lesson was interesting as everyone thought to begin with there was only one type of plastic- just called plastic- however, there are many types that range from the name;  Polyethylene terephthalate to Polyvinyl choride.

Together the year 6 teachers have put together an exciting event for the year 6 classes.Such as swimming,pizza,visiting a boat racing event, and more..

Because our year 6 group isn’t doing activity week,the teachers of year 6 have put together a fun week filled with plenty of fun activities, such as..

1.Camping on the field with tents and snacks

2.Going swimming together as a class

3.Eating PIZZA! Ö

4.going to a fun boat racing headquarters

6.Soon we will be finishing our SATs and after we will be having a few fun activities!

Thank you very much for listening.

I hope you find this piece of information handy.